About Me

00059My name is Ilana, I’m from Israel and I’m a bookworm.

Sounds like the opening line in … anonymous, right?

In my case, it’s really is readers anonymous.

Without a book, I don’t function. And most of the time you can find my nose stuck in a book, or recently on the iPad screen that, of course, is displaying a book.

I love to read books and medical/scientific studies on health, nutrition, healthy and green lifestyle, natural beauty, herbal medicine, parenting and all sorts of subjects that to some extent related to the list of topics I listed. And to try all the new things I discover in the kitchen, on my skin, at home and on others – and get feedback.

And I’m doing this for many, many years…

I learned all kinds of subjects and courses in alternative medicine such as Reiki, energy healing, diagnosis using a pendulum and by the eyeball, Bach flower remedies, herbal detox and a few more. I worked as a weight loss consultant for a big weight loss company for a few years and learned a lot from my experience and the experience of the customers.

In my twenties I studies to be a professional makeup artist in Mula Center in Israel, and worked there for a long time. I also started to learn to be a professional cosmetician, but did not complete my studies due to lack of interest. But there began my interest in this subject that very soon I took it in the natural direction that was always my favorite.

I also love the kitchen. I love to cook, try new things, and develop new recipes. Basically, I love to create with food. I learned all kinds of cooking courses and workshops, such as Chinese cuisine, sushi, pasta, vegetarian, baking, etc. in different establishments, and I combine the knowledge I got there about the basic processes in cooking and baking with new healthy products that I discover, to create something new, interesting and tasty. Although I also cook “regular” food at home and a lot of the recipes in this site are for “regular” food, I especially like to develop new recipes with healthy ingredients and super-foods that are low-carb, gluten-free etc. that don’t only supply the body with energy but are also very healthy. I worked in several restaurants in my life and before I finally switched to the field of nutrition and weight loss, my main occupation for many years was in the food service industry (I switched from making people fat, to helping them get skinny).

I must admit that sometimes my experiments in the kitchen go to the trash, and the only casualty is my husband that must taste everything, or me, when it’s some natural recipe for skin / hair (I will not forget a terrible rash I had on my face for a few days because of a mask I tried once), but most of my experiments work out well. When I have something good I play with the ingredients until something really good comes out, and then I write it down. Today, I have a huge box filled to the brim with notebooks and scraps of paper filled with written recipes. Some of the recipes are something I tasted somewhere and asked for the recipe – my apologies to the original owners, but I cannot remember which recipe came from whom. After all, it is a collection from almost 30 years – and some of them where development by me. I’ve got quite a few recipes for natural cosmetics that I collected from various sources or developed myself, and I’m slowly arranging them and uploading them to the site.

Because of these things I reached the point where I have a lot of knowledge and experience in these fields, and a lot of people come to me for help.

Usually after I help them, their next sentence is, “you must publish this knowledge!”

So I decided to do it, and this blog is my way to share the knowledge I have gained over the years.

I must say that I am not a doctor, conventional or natural. Although I have a background of studies in the field of natural healing, cosmetics and cooking, most of the data that appears on this blog does not come from my studies (my studies were the first steps that made me continue to research those subjects and develop from there), but reading books and medical/scientific studies, thousands of hours browsing the net to discover new things, self-study and many attempts and experiments on myself, kitchen experiments that my husband was the guinea pig, sometimes in collaboration with friends / customers to try new things and see if they work, and with all those who love this subject as I do and were willing to try.

That’s it, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, and most of all, I hope the information that is published here will really help you.