The Benefits of Homemade Face Masks

Making a face mask at home sounds a little more complicated than opening a bought mask and applying it.

True…It does require a little more work.

But… it’s worth the effort.

Here are some points to think about:

  • You can handle a few things with one mask. One of the most important advantages face masks have is the fact that in the same mask you can add substances that handle a number of things at the same time, as opposed to creams that often focus on one thing. In the same mask, you can add ingredients that moisturize the skin, cleanse and purifies the skin, lighten the skin, etc. You can build the mask according to the individual needs of your skin, as opposed to bought masks that are a kind of “catch-all” that are made to suit as many customers as possible.
  • Very relaxing. The very fact that you put a mask on your face already inspires a sense of calm (probably after all the treatments at the cosmetician). So you can apply a mask, put cucumber circles on your eyes (it really works, there is a reason it’s in all the movies), lie down and relax with the mask on your face.
  • You can create all kinds of masks according to your personal preference. You can create a rich oily mask, one that’s water-based or gel, or even a pealing mask.
  • Treatment for a specific area. If there is a specific problem in a specific area of the face, it can be treated with a mask that is placed only on the problem area, and not apply it on the whole face like a cream. To do this with bought masks, you have to keep a large variety of them at home which is quite expensive.
  • Easy to use. It takes only a few minutes to make a significant change in the appearance of the face. At the end of a working day before you go out in the evening you can wash your face thoroughly, apply a mask that will make the skin look fresher, lie down for a few minutes with the mask on your face and rest, and then wash your face. Your face will look like you just woke up, and not like after a long, exhausting day’s work.
  • It’s cheap. The prices of cosmetics sometimes reach irrational levels. If you make your masks at home from natural ingredients it’s much cheaper and much more suitable for your specific face.
  • Quality infredients. Most pre-made masks have all kinds of substances to preserve the active ingredients, add a pleasant smell, control texture, etc. Not all of these ingredients are natural or particularly good for the skin. In a homemade mask, you only put in the active ingredients that are really going to work on the skin without any artificial or synthetic additives.
  • A greater amount of active substances. If you read what goes into ready-made masks, you’ll find that the percentage of active ingredients is quite low and the other things that are less good are actually the majority. Only active substances enter a home mask with no additives.

General Tips for Making Homemade Facial Masks

Natural Face Masks in No Time

Natural Face Masks for Sensitive Skin

Natural Face Masks for Oily Skin

Natural Face Masks for Dry Skin

Natural Face Masks for Normal To Mixed Skin

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