Common Uses of Essential Oils

You can do a lot of things with essential oils. From first aid at home to almost every common health problem, to preventing contagion and curing more serious physical problems.

Some oils are more versatile than others and suitable for many uses. They address a wide range of problems, from the simple ones to quite serious problems.

Below is a collection of common essential oils and their everyday uses that make life easier and more pleasant.

These are also the most recommended oils to get familiar with the subject and to start experimenting with essential oils. They are best suited because of their versatility and because most of them combine perfectly with each other for even better results.

Eucalyptus Oil

  • This oil has amazing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties (it’s a “killer” of bacteria and viruses), so it’s excellent for prevention of infection and to speed recovery.
  • If one member of the household is sick with bacterium or virus, to prevent contagion of the rest of the household and to speed up the patient’s recovery, drip 5 drops of eucalyptus oil into an oil burner with water and light the candle. In most cases, this small amount is enough to prevent contagion. It is especially recommended if it’s a child who is sleeping with a brother/sister in the same room. Don’t leave them to sleep with it, but before they go to sleep prepare a “purifying” environment in the room’s air. If you do this in the shared family space, such as in the living room, enough once an evening when all the members of the household are in – if it is in winter and the windows are closed, or twice an evening at a two/three-hour intervals if it is a warmer time and the windows are open.
  • To speed up the patient’s recovery, you can drip three drops on the corners of the pillow (not where their face is but as far away from them as possible) and let them sleep with it at night. Recovery time is shortened by half and in many cases, the patient wakes up the next day healthy. (Tea tree oil is also suitable for the uses above because of the same anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.)
  • You can make a mixture of 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and 5 drops of lavender oil in 5 cc of carrier oil and apply at the bottom of your feet before bedtime. This is excellent to relieve the flu or a cold, reduce headaches that result from stuffed sinuses, open a stuffed nose, and lower fever.
  • It’s excellent for relaxing strained muscles. Mix 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in 5 cc carrier oil and spread over the strained area.
  • A few drops in an oil burner get rid of the most stubborn mosquitoes.
  • If there is a cellulite problem, a daily massage with eucalyptus oil (in a carrier oil) will help the skin look smoother and improve blood flow.

Chamomile Oil

  • Because it’s a very gentle oil it can be used on babies from the age of 10 months.
  • A few drops of chamomile and lavender oil in a carrier oil help to ease pains.
  • Spread it on the temples and it will fix the strongest headaches.
  • You can wet a kitchen towel, drip a few drops on it, and place it behind your neck.
  • If there are toothaches spread on the face (outside the mouth) near the painful area.
  • If there’s an earache spread behind and below the ear.
  • If there are severe menstrual cramps in the lower abdomen, a short massage with this mixture on the painful area will solve the problem.
  • Chamomile oil also helps reduce anxiety and stress. A few drops in an oil burner do wonders.
  • It’s great for muscle aches. A short massage on the painful/strained area with a few drops of chamomile in a carrier oil usually solves the problem.
  • It’s great for the skin. A few drops cure an allergic reaction on the skin or eczema and soothe irritated or damaged skin. Because of this, this oil stars in many homemade care products that contain essential oils.
  • It’s almost a must-have oil for those with sensitive or dry skin.

Geranium Oil

  • This oil is excellent for curing eczema and allergic reactions on the skin. A few drops in carrier oil spread once a day on the affected area do wonders.
  • It’s an excellent addition to homemade cosmetics to balance problematic skin and moisturize dry skin.
  • Does a great job on a sunburn.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and combined with its effect on the skin it’s excellent for treating acne. Mixed in a carrier oil and applied on acne speeds up acne treatment and prevents scarring.
  • A combination of geraniums and lavender oils in a carrier oil reduces burns recovery time by half.
  • If there is a problem with edema or cellulite, mix a few drops of geraniums with olive oil and enough kosher salt to form a paste. Massage the problem areas and wash in the shower or a hot tub. It softens the skin and improves circulation.
  • It has a great effect on the female system so if you suffer from menstrual pain or symptoms of menopause it is recommended to apply it to the entire abdominal area.
  • This oil is not allowed for use for pregnant women in the first trimester and for women diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer.

Sandalwood Oil (sandal tree, coral tree)

  • Because of the soothing properties this oil has, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you can add one drop to the nighttime cream you apply before bed. The skin will be less sensitive/dry the next day and look like it’s been moisturized.
  • It’s excellent as a wrinkle reducer for all skin types.
  • You can add 2 drops to your husband’s shaving foam to prevent irritated skin after shaving.
  • If you are in a stressful period – such as a period of tests, or a great pressure at work – you can drip 5 drops of this oil into an oil burner and light the candle. Once the air fills up with oil particles, the pressure level will drop miraculously.
  • It also has a good effect on sinuses. A few drops in a carrier oil spread on the sides of the nose and forehead in the sinus area, or a few drops inside an oil burner help open a stuffed nose, reduce coughing and alleviate symptoms of colds or flu.
  • Because it also has a feature that resembles preservatives, homemade care products made with this oil have a longer shelf life.

Lavender Oil

  • The most versatile oil there is and one of the gentlest there is. It is safe to use for infants aged 10 weeks or older and is among the few that can be applied directly to the skin without a carrier oil.
  • It is one of the oils that is safe to use on pets such as cats or dogs to keep out ticks and bedbugs.
  • At home with young children, it’s a mandatory oil. Although it can be applied directly without a carrier oil, it’s recommended to make a 10% mixture of it (you can read here about mixing and percentages) and keep in the medicine cabinet.
  • This oil is the best treatment for scratches, skin abrasions, insect bites, small lacerations, allergic rashes, bruises, and burns.
  • It’s excellent after a sunburn (much better than aloe vera or yogurt).
  • A very effective treatment against lice (lavender and rosemary are the stars of lice treatment).
  • It helps reduce allergic reactions so for people who suffer from hay fever (a respiratory allergy during spring) it is recommended to light an oil burner at home with a few drops of lavender oil. The first time this tip is used always gets amazed responses.
  • This oil is good against fungi – a few drops in a carrier oil and spread over the affected area.
  • Helps ease congestion in the chest and throat when there is a severe cold – using an oil burner.
  • Helps soothe and sleep for people who suffer from stress or insomnia. A few drops in an oil burner in the room or directly on the pillow (without carrier oil) half an hour before going to bed do wonders.
  • Put a few drops of this oil in a carrier oil and massage your temples and it will cure almost any headache – including migraines. If it is a migraine accompanied by nausea then it is also recommended to apply a few drops to the abdomen. If the migraine is really severe, in addition to the temples spread it on the back of your neck as well.
  • If you add a few drops of it to massage oil or bath water, it helps treat tense or sprained muscles.

Neroli Oil (oil produced from orange blossoms)

  • It’s an excellent oil for treating stretch marks or scarring. A mixture of neroli oil, lavender, geraniums, and roses in a carrier oil (3 drops each in 10cc oil) can reduce stretch marks significantly and even make most of them disappear, and also greatly reduce scars.
  • For people who suffer from bad blood flow, it’s almost a mandatory oil. A few drops in an oil burner every two or three days do wonders.
  • If you suffer from stomach or bowel problems with abdominal pain and swelling, massaging the abdomen with a few drops of this oil in a carried oil solves the problem.
  • It is a very common oil in the alternative treatment of ADHD or depression. Instead of dangerous chemical drugs with side effects such as suicidal tendencies and uncontrolled violence, a few drops of this oil in an oil burner on a regular basis each evening bring amazing results (which you can’t say about the psychiatric drugs).
  • And because of its amazing smell it is also very common oil in homemade perfumes that both smell great and give a sense of peace and calm and a fealing that everything is great in life and the world.

Ylang Ylang Oil

  • This oil has a very strong smell so if there is a headache or a start of a headache, don’t use it because the headache will only get worse.
  • It balances sebum levels in the facial skin so it’s a popular substance in cosmetic products for oily or mixed skin, but it’s actually good for all skin types.
  • After you wash your hair, you can add a few drops of this oil into a sink full of water and soak your hair inside as much as possible. It strengthens the hair, fixes chemical damage, and makes the hair shiny.
  • It’s excellent for lowering blood pressure and regulating heartbeat.
  • This oil is known as a smell that stimulates libido.

Marjoram Oil

  • One of the best oils for mixing in massage oil because of its quality of warming and relaxing muscles.
  • Because of the feature of muscle relaxation, it’s also excellent for soothing menstrual cramps in the lower abdomen, especially in the form of hot compresses.
  • It has soothing properties so if there is a sleep problem, nerves, stressful period, etc, a few drops in the oil burner do an amazing job.
  • Excellent for treating high blood pressure and blood flow problems. Thanks to this feature it also heals bruises faster and helps prevent chilblains (chill burns).
  • It has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties so it’s excellent for treating colds and the flu, especially when combined with lavender and chamomile oil.
  • The combination with lavender and chamomile is also excellent to reduce headaches, even migraines. Massage the temples with this combination, or place cold compresses on the forehead and behind the neck.

Sandalwood Oil

Geranium Oil

Chamomile Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Marjoram oil

Ylang Ylang Oil

Neroli Oil

Lavender Oil

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