The 1st & Most Important Solution to Binge Eating

Did you ever start eating and couldn’t stop?

Or maybe you ate things that are bad for you, and you knew they are bad, but you still couldn’t stop yourself?

Or maybe you opened a cookie box and couldn’t stop until it was empty?

This is a small binge. Maybe it’s not the dreaded official problem of obsessive-compulsive eating, but it’s still a problem for a lot of people.

Would you like to know how to prevent it?

I worked as a diet coach in a large diet company for several years, and the next tip helped a lot of people. I hope it will help you too.

Understanding the Problem is the First Step to Solving it

We all know that if we are on a diet/switching to a healthy lifestyle/watching our weight, etc., sugar, flour, fat and the like are forbidden

And that’s the rub, the word forbidden.

Once something’s forbidden, we want it right away. It’s part of our natural structure as human beings and not something that can be changed with an iron will or a decision.

It just works that way, period!

Forbiden=I must have it!!!!!!

Also, we are bombarded from all sides with commercials, promotions in supermarkets, desserts in restaurants and events. When we come to visit we are immediately offered refreshments etc.

It attacks us from all sides. The more we tell ourselves we’re not allowed to, the more the desire grows and increases until it reaches a boiling point, like an exploding pressure cooker.

Result: Binge eating

Real-Life Stories

I worked for several years as a coach in a big company for dieting and heard dozens of stories specifically on this point.

For example, a woman on a diet went to buy dark chocolate to prepare her daughter a birthday cake for the kindergarten. In the supermarket there was a special price on 5, so, of course, she bought 5. When she got home, she sat down and ate all the 5 and then threw up.

Another woman called me in tears to tell me that on her way to the bus from work she entered a bakery to buy bread for the family. She got confused by the selection of cookies they had. She decided to buy one box but got confused by the selection, so she bought four. On the bus home, she finished one and a half boxes of cookies. She felt awful for eating them, so she dumped the rest. Total amount thrown away = about 15-20$.

Someone else went to a BBQ restaurant with friends. His intention was to eat two chicken skewers, but he “found himself” (direct quote) ordering two skewers of Foie gras and lamb chops. When I asked him if he was able to finish it because it’s so fatty, his reply was, “Are you kidding me?! Of course I finished it! I knew it’s forbidden on a diet. So if I have it, I will eat it even if I choke!” (Direct quote).

Look At Your Experience

Most of us know at least one type 2 diabetes patient, or someone with borderline sugar who’s not allowed to eat sugar, and he keeps eating sugar and even more than before the diagnosis.

Or someone with high cholesterol who eats everything that is forbidden.

I could go about it on and on and on…

Bottom line, when something’s forbidden, we want it right away.

So How To Bypass This Problem?

Simple: Nothing is forbidden! Everything is allowed, but only occasionally, and don’t overdo it.

Nothing bad will happen if you eat a cookie once in a while if you really feel like it. Or a slice of cake on a birthday or a delicious dessert in a restaurant, if you feel you must.

My recommendation is to make cakes and cookies at home. Don’t buy them. The purchased products contain trans-fat and all kinds of additives that are bad for our bodies. Desserts we make at home are healthier and less problematic. If you switch to healthy types of flour and sugar, it reduces the problem further.

For example, I bake cakes and cookies pretty regularly. After baking, 90% of them go to the freezer. Once in a while, if my husband or I want a cookie we simply eat one. We didn’t have a breaking point for many yars.

It’s Funny, but my husband doesn’t like any more cookies at room temperature. He freezes everything because he thinks that frozen cookies are simply better tasting. Even when we go to his parents, If his mother makes cookies, when we arrive, the first thing he does is to put a cookie or two in the freezer to have frozen cookies for dessert.

Also, an interesting phenomenon occurs: as soon as it is allowed, we don’t really want it. There were times when cookies I baked stayed in the freezer for 3-4 months until they run out.

I always bake cakes in a square baking dish. Then I cut them into squares, and of course, put them in the freezer. Again, there were times a cake stayed in the freezer for a couple of months. Not a big cake, the size of a loaf pan.

By the way, it is possible to freeze EVERYTHING – I’m talking from experience – including sponge cakes, cream cakes and so on. Bake the cake in a square pan, cut into squares and arrange in a plastic container. Cut parchment paper according to size and put on top of the 1st layer of cake. Arrange another layer and separate again with parchment paper and so on. Continue building like that till you run out of cake. This way I freeze everything, and it’s simple and easy to take a square from the freezer.

It Works Even On Kids

I have a three years old kid that sometimes asks for a cookie or cake. I never tell him no, but tell him first to eat lunch or dinner and then a cookie. In most cases, after he eats, he doesn’t ask again. He was hungry and looked for something to eat. And if he does ask after he ate, I give him. Usually, I find in different places in the house half-eaten cookies.

Because I did not tell him no, he didn’t feel the need to hold on to this cookie tooth and nail. He nibbled a bit, put it where he was at the moment, and went about his business.


The fact that it’s allowed, reduces 50% of the desire. The fact that you have it and it’s available reduces another 40%. And the remaining 10% … eat a cookie and go on with your life.

Over the years, I’ve created/gathered a good deal of cakes, cookies and desserts recipes.

I’m slowly uploading them to the blog under theCakes and Cookiestab in theRecipesmenu.

These are very small and fun sins that add flavor to life and in the bottom line are much healthier than telling yourself it’s forbidden.

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