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Short History

The HCG Protocol is also called HCG Diet, Dr. Simeons Diet, or The Spray Diet. All of those names refer to exactly the same diet.

This diet started in the 50s when Dr. Simeons delivered it to his patients in the International hospital Salvatore Mundi in Rome.

He also taught other doctors how to deliver the protocol, and they in turn delivered it in their clinics.

In the 70s Dr. Simeons wrote the article Pounds and Inches and published it in a medical journal.

This article made the protocol world-famous and more doctors began to deliver it. Some of them received training from Dr. Simeons himself, and some didn’t.

Online, you can find success stories from people who did the protocol from the late 50s to the present day.

With all this publicity, the HCG Diet still wasn’t much known. At some point it even faded to obscurity because of several reasons:

  1. You could do it only with injections given by a doctor who also oversaw the protocol. This meant high costs as an outpatient. And even higher costs if the diet was done in a clinic with room and board. The HCG Diet was actually a luxury that only the rich could afford.
  2. Even if the person could afford the high cost, there was a barrier. The fact that you need to get 23 injections was a serious barrier to a lot of people. And if there is a lot of weight to lose, you need 40 injections!!!

The Big Change

Everything changed in 2007.

A writer named Kevin Trudeau that published many books on alternative medicine, arrived at a clinic in Switzerland to do research for his next book. (The book, by the way, was not about diets).

There, because of his excess weight, they suggested that he should go on a diet. He did the HCG protocol (by the book, with injections and everything). Following this, he published a book about it called The Weight Loss Cure “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.

This publicity brought the HCG protocol to the headlines around the world. This time, it also stayed there.

Different laboratories developed herbal alternatives to the HCG hormone. These substitutes are not hormone (a big plus), and they can be taken orally – no injections.

This is the origin of the new name – The Spray Diet.

What’s Happening Today

Today you can buy the spray / drops all over the place.

You can buy – only with a medical prescription – drops of the HCG hormone. These drops contain real hormone and you need to mix them according to the instructions in Dr. Simeons’ article. But here, the plus is that you can take them orally.

There are also homeopathic drops of the hormone. Their effect is maybe weaker, but the same. You can also buy a big variety of substitutes.

Examples are a spray that mimics the action of HCG that is made out of kelp. There is also a spray made of berries, a spray that is based on amino acids etc.

And still, there are doctors and clinics around the world that deliver the protocol as Dr. Simeons wrote it, including injections and everything.

Here era drops that I got good feedback on.


The HCG diet has a lot of supporters, but also a lot of opposition.


on the internet, there are thousands of success stories from around the world of people who had lost weight dramatically. Many of them also kept the weight down for years.

I checked to see the general level of satisfaction.

I saw very few stories of failures from people who did the protocol with injections. For me, failure is being unable to stick with the diet until the end result, or gain all the weight back.

On the other hand, there are many success stories.

I would say that it’s something like 85% success and 15% failure. The numbers are an estimate. I didn’t do a professional statistical sample, only a general impression.

In the case of people who did the HCG diet with drops or spray, the percentage is closer. Something like 60% to 40% success/failure.

I don’t know if it’s because of the substance. After all, those are plant extracts rather than the actual hormone.

Or maybe it’s because those people did it on a “do it yourself” approach. I’m sure that medical supervision definitely contributes to success (even just having “a policeman” helps.)


On the other hand, there are quite a few people who oppose this protocol. Many people say it was difficult for them to keep their weight down.

Women report hair loss.

Many people reported headaches. (By the way, Dr. Simeons refers to both these phenomena in his article.)


Either way, this protocol is now famous throughout the world.

There are dozens of websites worldwide that sell sprays and drops.

There are support sites for people on the protocol.

There are recipe sites for all the phases of the protocol.

The original article by Dr. Simeons is posted everywhere. In some places, it has some changes, here and there, because of the changes in medicine.

In this blog, I have the article by Dr. Simeons as is. I didn’t changed or edited anything; This is something that only a doctor can do.

In addition, you can find here recipes that fit the HCG protocol. This is what I cooked for me and my husband when we did the protocol.

On a Personal Note

Both I and my husband did the HCG protocol, and both of us lost a lot of weight. I lost 15 kg. (30 pounds) and my husband lost 35 kg. (70 pounds.)

My husband is having a hard time keeping the weight down. Since the first time we did this diet he had to do another 2 short rounds to drop the weight he gained since.

I, on the other hand, had no trouble keeping the weight off. I gained some of it back only during my pregnancy.

Did you Do the HCG Diet?

If yes, tell me what you think in the Comments.

For Dr. Simmons’ original article in which he lists his research and conclusions click here

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