Ice Cream – HCG 500 Cal.

A delicious treat during the HCG diet that helps break down the monotony of meals with a very limited amount of ingredients. Meets all the restrictions of Dr. Simmons.


2 egg whites

Sweet’n Low (In this case, stevia does not fit because the sweetener should be in powder form and not liquid.)

A few drops of flavor extract you like. You can use all the extracts available on the market or in combinations between them, there is a very large variety of possible flavors.

Instead of the extract, you can add lemon zest or orange zest (only the colorful part without the white), cinnamon, cocoa powder, or instant coffee.

* Another option: strawberries, apple, or orange ground in a blender.


Whisk the egg whites in the mixer at high speed and gradually add the sweetener and extract.

Whisk at high speed for 10 minutes until you have a steady, shiny foam. The foam is ready when you turn the bowl over and the foam doesn’t fall on your feet.

If made with fruit, whisk the egg whites only with the sweetener then add the fruit in gentle folding movements so as not to break the foam.

Put in the freezer for half an hour.

* If you eat the ice cream at dinner, the whole egg that is part of the protein portion is eaten as a sunny side up egg.

** Caloric value of the ice cream alone is 40 calories. If you add fruit, the caloric value 110 cal.

Bon appetite


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