Why Switch to Natural Toiletries

The shelves everywhere are packed with toiletries, cosmetics, etc. The selection is even confusing.

Cosmetics companies spend millions on advertising and we see it from all sides, how good everything is for our skin/body.

So with such abundance, why start making these things at home? Why spend the time it takes to make them?

Indeed, a legitimate question and the answer to it is a little complicated:

The thing about our skin is that some things penetrate through it and get into our bodies and even into the bloodstream.

So when making natural cosmetics (with the stated purpose of external grooming only) that contain herbs, essential oils, vitamins, etc. the benefit is not just external (for the skin) but for the whole body. Because from the bloodstream, all these high-quality nutrients go everywhere in the body and build it from the inside. Because these things come directly from nature without industrial processing/change, our body recognizes them and knows how to work with them and how to use them.

On the other hand, when you use products that contain chemicals and synthetic materials that the body doesn’t recognize and doesn’t really know what to do with, it begins to develop sensitivities, allergies, and other strange reactions.

It also doesn’t know what to do with these substances and tries to get rid of them in any way possible (many times in the form of pimples). It also recognizes that these substances are not good for it, and tries to tell us this information through sensitivities/allergies.

Several studies on the subject have concluded that an average woman who uses an average amount of toiletries/cosmetics spreads on her face/body/hair 200 different chemicals every day! And more than 60% of these chemicals reach the bloodstream.

If you take any product you use every day and go through its entire ingredient list and google each one to figure out exactly what it is, you’ll get dizzy and your response will be “How the hell do they let it on the shelves!” Many of these ingredients have known negative effects on both skin and health and there are many studies on the subject.

In contrast, natural ingredients that come mostly from plants do wonders for both skin and the overall health of the body. If you go through an average recipe of any product made at home (face cream, mask, scrub, and even shampoo) and read online about each ingredient, you’ll find you’re holding a concentrated lump of health in your hand.

In addition, there may be a lot of synthetic products that are supposed to do something good for our skin, but because they don’t come from nature but man-made in a lot of cases the body doesn’t know how to use them and work with them. So “on paper” and in research it seems like it’s going to do wonders, and when you build a campaign you rely on these things that are “on paper” and promise the moon and stars. But then in practice that’s not the case.

It happened to all of us over and over and over and over and over again (I’ll stop here – you’re welcome to add the word “over” the number of times it happened to you) that we bought a product, usually expensive, which we were promised will change our life and skin forever and in practice, there was no difference and sometimes there were even negative reactions on the skin.

It didn’t happen because the cosmetic company lied to us in its campaign, they really believed the product would do what they promised because “on paper” the ingredients in it were supposed to do it.

But no one told that to our bodies. It got these substances, said “What the hell is this?” and did everything it could to get rid of them – pimples, increased sebum secretion in the face that expanded pores, redness, etc. And if it reaches the bloodstream, it’s even worse. The liver begins to work extra to filter these substances and get rid of them at the expense of an energy allowance that was supposed to go to other areas of the body, such as cell regeneration, which in many cases further impairs the appearance of the skin.

On the other hand, most cosmetics companies add essential oils, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and other natural ingredients known to nourish the skin.


And it’s a very, very big BUT:

They don’t add these ingredients the way they are. They don’t take an avocado, crush it and add it into the cream. If they’d done that, the cream would have gone bad in a week at most. They take the avocado and move it through all sorts of processes so it lasts months and years on the shelf, and after that process, the only thing left from the avocado is its name. Even simple heating destroys some of the quality ingredients in the plant. Think about how many of them are destroyed after this plant goes through 10-50 different processes whose goal is to make it survive on the shelf for years.

That’s right. There’s nothing left.

Sometimes I hear comments like “Ah, it’s a good product, it contains coconut oil and some essential oil.” The thought going through my head is “Yes, the words coconut oil and essential oil are really cute.” Besides the letters that make up the original name of the good stuff, there’s nothing left.

On the other hand, when you make the actual healthy product at home, you usually just grind it or heat it a little bit, and use it immediately – at home, there is no shelf time of months and years – so our faces receive 100% of high-quality natural active ingredients and only that. Some are absorbed through the skin, reach the bloodstream and from there go to the whole body and work throughout the system.

A common response in women who have switched to 100% natural products is “I don’t know if there’s a connection, but other than my skin that looks much better, I feel better.” Well, there’s a very very big connection. When the body gets quality, it gives quality. When it gets garbage, that’s what it gives you back. 

Another advantage and a very nice thing is the fact that it’s a lot of fun to make these things. You can play with ingredients that do your skin good, with essential oils that also contribute health to your skin and body that have an amazing smell that’s much more pleasant than synthetic scents. It’s basically an exciting new playground where you can try, improve, diversify and try, and the results – pure pride.

And if you get some really cool product, which has a pleasant texture, a gorgeous smell, an excellent reaction on the skin – in short … A masterpiece you created yourself, I recommend you make a bigger amount, put it in small jars and give as gifts to your mom and close friends. I promise you’re going to get a godly status! Trust me.

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